This is the professional Blog Post of Peter Kaptein, ActionScript programmer and developer.

Peter Kaptein is a developer and designer of software. He developed and designed Intranet-solutions and web based Content Management Systems from 1998 to 2002.

In 2002 he moved to using and programming Adobe Flash and since 2009 – between freelance assignments – is building RAD frameworks for web/real-world interfacing, “web of things” and Roomware based applications.

Kaptein lives in Florence, Italy and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he does his freelance work and where he develops new Open Sourced RAD Frameworks for Flash, Roomware and Roomware related hardware / software solutions, including RFID, bluetooth, QR-codes, GSM and WiFi to identify users and objects and using webcams, AR toolkits, sound, movement, mobile phones and touch for user interactions with applications and (online) data.

His main focus for Flash development are the following:

  1. The Flash RAD framework – leading to standard libraries for all basic interactions, using HTML to define what is what and CSS to define what it looks like
  2. The use of Adobe Air to create applications with Flash as front-end technology
  3. To advocate other ways of working regarding clients, safe-harboring knowledge and using multi-disciplinary teams
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  1. Just wanted to say, really brilliant work!

    I really love what you’re doing with visual feedback; I think it’s really essential.


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