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BlazeDS and Smooth Data Injection – Reloading the Tree View Data Provider without breaking the User Experience

August 29, 2010


With Smooth Data Injection, we inject the data from BlazeDS (in this case study) directly into the existing data provider of our Tree View. Each object presented in the Tree View is a Base Data Object (for “Basis” and not to be confused with “Blaze” Data Object). We can repeat that process of Smooth Data […]

About performance and precision: Using the camera, FLAR toolkit and PaperVision

September 30, 2009


This article is about the performance issues regarding FLAR toolkit and PaperVision. This is what I have deducted from the code. These are assumptions from tests I made and are not yet scientifically validated. FLAR toolkit basics: Loading the markers The markers are loaded into an marker object and placed Array Getting the X/Y/Z postion […]

“Minority Report” interface using Flash and FLAR toolkit

August 19, 2009


As part of the RoomWare workshop end of August 2009 I will be introducing a “Minority report” interface using Flash and FLAR toolkit. It is part of a 2 type interfacing strategy in Flash, including: Gestural interfacing using your hands ad fingers in front of a screen Table interfacing using a transparant table-top, objects and […]

Snow! AS3 filters and performance tests

July 22, 2009


Inspired by the falling snow in the third epsode of Mushishi: “Tender horns” I decided that a snow generator might be a nice benchmarker for several items: Using filters Addressing a LOT of particles Exploring the boundries of AS3 performance and looping through arrays Why snow? Snow is reasonably limited in its behaviour and nice […]

Fun with Flash and Flickr Interestingness

July 22, 2009


“A photographic mosaic is a picture, divided into rectangular (or square) sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph of appropriate average color“. (Wikipedia) When I saw the first one (a portrait of a woman with many other portraits inside) somewhere in the 90’s I was blown away by the concept. Only recently I […]