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Code for deeplinking from and with Flash

April 20, 2009


Deeplinking with Flash is a hack. SWFAddress uses embedded JavaScript in the HTML and ExternalInterface to do it. This example tackles the basics of deeplinking and shows you how to do it from Flash alone. (See sample here.) Just copy&paste the code below in Flash, compile the movie and run it from a web location. […]

The basics of Flash deeplinking

April 20, 2009


Currently one of the most common libraries for deeplinking in my peer group is SWFAddress. In this article I explain briefly how deeplinking via Flash works using the principles from SWFAddress as a starting point. Deeplinking is a hack using JavaScript and Flash’s ExternalInterface SWFAddress is a Flash / JavaScript / HTML hack. It is […]

Flash SEO – introduction

April 16, 2009


Yesterday I got into a discussion regarding Flash and SEO. The old paradigm that “Flash is not searchable” is – and has been – a misconception. So it was time for me to write a blog post about this. Why not? It is actually strange that SEO for Flash sites has been obscure for so […]

Pushing Forms and form fields in Flash

April 9, 2009


[This is a definition page] 0: Design goals and strategy A “designer” with basic knowledge of HTML and forms should be able to create working forms. The main idea is: By creating form definitions in XML you can produce and modify working database driven forms with insane speed. Second: when the XML deals with positioning […]