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Is the ship called “Flash” sinking?

November 13, 2011


Flash is now 15 years of age and old news for a long time. My hopes to build entire websites in Flash lasted until 2005 / 2007. But when still nothing substantial had happened regarding SEO, memory management and performance issues in Flash I gave up. Something had not happened in Flash that I had […]

My thoughts on the future and past of Flash

November 10, 2011


The current death of Flash for browsers on Mobile platforms In the past week two messages hit my Twitter stream: Adobe lays off 750 people – See hereĀ  Adobe terminates Flash for Mobile – See here To terminate Flash for mobile browsers in the light of the lay-off seems to me a sane step to […]

“The end of Flash”, Microsoft “Bans” and “drops” Flash in (the Metro browser of) Windows 8

September 16, 2011


In the past 16 hours there has been some commotion about Microsoft “banning” or “dropping” Flash. You can read the announcement of Microsoft in many ways and if you are biases (as I have noticed in several occasions on my own perception on things in the past) you read what you want to read. Another […]

The poetry of Database Programming

January 5, 2011


Building a database is very much like poetry. In the wee hours I am working on a new project involving database design for a site that should be able to handle thousands of concurrent user sessions per hour. It has been a while since I have been doing something more than the mundane database designs, […]

3D and Flash

October 29, 2010


Somewhere in the first half of 2011, Flash will release a new Flash player with GPU 3D support. From Adobe Labs When will the support of the new 3D APIs be generally available to users? We will be introducing support for the new GPU-accelerated 3D APIs in a future version of Adobe Flash Player. We […]

HTML5: how replaceable is Flex?

August 11, 2010


Flex might get a lot of competition from HTML5. When the issues regarding Browser Incompatibility are resolved in a usable way, we might see a move from Flex to HTML in the next years.

Steve Jobs, myths, Flash and the future of the web

April 29, 2010


After an (let’s call it) “interesting” post on Flash from Steve Jobs, the game on “what will be the leading web technology” seems to continue. I will close this post by debunking the half-lies and half-truths in Job’s post later in this post. What is interesting is that Flash is challenged a lot lately by […]