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The poetry of Database Programming

January 5, 2011


Building a database is very much like poetry. In the wee hours I am working on a new project involving database design for a site that should be able to handle thousands of concurrent user sessions per hour. It has been a while since I have been doing something more than the mundane database designs, […]

A projection of the possible futures of Flash and HTML5

February 2, 2010


In my blog posts about “why Flash / HTML / Unity3D sucks / rocks” I touched what I think is missing in each of them. Here is a projection of possible scenarios regarding Flash and HTML5 1: Flash will die When Adobe gives up on developing Flash and kills all possibilities for other parties to […]

The Flash RAD framework, SEO and HTML5

January 31, 2010


Let’s begin with the conclusion of this post: Reasons why I use Flash with XHTML, Viewstates and CSS Logical – why invent something new that – at the end of the line – reflects something already existing? Scalability – HTML is per definition scalable. The web as a whole is the best example for that […]

Flash, HTML5, Unity, 3D, open standards, the web and why it all sucks

January 6, 2010


HTML (and the three reasons it sucks and is NOT an open standard) HTML is claimed to be an open standard by many. This is only true when you completely discard the rendering engine it requires to present it’s style and content. Each browser on the market is a closed environment. As a HTML developer, […]