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Workaround for: 9-slice scaling with bitmap images

May 25, 2009


9-slice scaling (see one of many articles here) has some peculiarities in Flash. First of all, it will only work for a graphic object. If you try to apply it to a bitmap image or an embedded movie clip, it fails like shown in the image below: Everything is stretched out of proportions, where 9-slice […]

Work around: Masking with 9 slice scaling objects does not work

May 19, 2009


Creating an easy way to make tabs for the Flash RAD framework, yesterday I encountered the following quirk in Flash. Flash drops the 9 slice scaling when a MovieClip is used in / for a mask and treats the MovieClip as a plain clip. Situation Tabs heads can scale hirizontally with the label inside. Thus […]

Flash RAD: A first breakdown of functional blocks

May 12, 2009


This article describes the functional blocks defined in the Flash RAD Framework. These functional blocks are used as a basis to build the architecture. GENERAL ITEMS Wrappers Wrappers take over the controls of any object they envelop. They offer a generalized interface other objects and services in the application can communicate with. Panels and Reports […]

CSS parsing and the use of Styles in Flash

May 11, 2009


Building the Flash RAD framework, I am constantly looking for the best practices around. For styling, I like CSS over creating some XML-structure. Here are the reasons: CSS is a well known standard It is clean and simple CSS is dedicated to styling Flash and Style Sheets Flash currently allows you to use a limited […]