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Breaking Object Dependencies via String References, static variables and Dictionaries

April 14, 2011


When you run a project with many objects clustering and cross-referring, the trick is to keep it simple, to avoid a complex mess of objects and object references. Here is the base-list of what I started doing for just such a project in Flex in the past year: Define the main identifiers – Preferably as […]

IVO: Interactive Value Objects in Flash

January 5, 2011


In the past 6 months I created the basis for a design pattern for a structured Data Caching and Data Retrieval system in Flex. As the basic Value Objects were too stupid and not working as a concept I was constantly “bending the rules”. So I decided to drop the “how it is supposed to […]

Defining the Flash RAD / RoomWare Server messages framework

October 16, 2009


Basics: The RoomWare Messages There are four types of messages: event: contains data. Recieves no response action: contains data. Recieves a response request: contains data. Recieves a response response: contains data. Is sent as a result of an action (feedback) or a request. APPROACH Connecting to the RoomWare server The RoomWare server is by default […]

Building database driven forms FAST in Flash – Flash RAD Framework

June 4, 2009


For basic database-transactions (reading and storing data) in most cases, code is created manually for each new project and each new form. In the Flash RAD framework I strive to simplify that process as much as possible, so that building fully working data driven forms is a matter of minutes. The only things you need […]

Workaround for: 9-slice scaling with bitmap images

May 25, 2009


9-slice scaling (see one of many articles here) has some peculiarities in Flash. First of all, it will only work for a graphic object. If you try to apply it to a bitmap image or an embedded movie clip, it fails like shown in the image below: Everything is stretched out of proportions, where 9-slice […]