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The Flash RAD framework, SEO and HTML5

January 31, 2010


Let’s begin with the conclusion of this post: Reasons why I use Flash with XHTML, Viewstates and CSS Logical – why invent something new that – at the end of the line – reflects something already existing? Scalability – HTML is per definition scalable. The web as a whole is the best example for that […]

Overview, August 2009 – Januari 2010

January 27, 2010


Contents This update shows you what I have been working on, involved with and been busy with the past 5 months. The phone as a romete control with Roomware Flash RAD framework progress Coolbest Presenting “the post-privacy era” in Italy Presenting Roomware at eComm and “whatmakesyourhorny” Nest Project update 1. The phone as a remote […]

Flash, HTML5, browsers and why it all Rocks! Oh yeah: Google

January 6, 2010


The future of things The “the web is the application” stuff with which parties like Google scare the shit out of almost all other traditional software developers is still cripple shit. Like cutting meat with knives you made by chipping flints from rocks, while your neighbors next door have the latest shit regarding high tech […]

Flash, HTML5, Unity, 3D, open standards, the web and why it all sucks

January 6, 2010


HTML (and the three reasons it sucks and is NOT an open standard) HTML is claimed to be an open standard by many. This is only true when you completely discard the rendering engine it requires to present it’s style and content. Each browser on the market is a closed environment. As a HTML developer, […]