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Java / Flex / BlazeDS project? – Solving issues with Flash Builder 4 “Stand Alone”

March 25, 2011


By default the Flash Builder environment does not come with the tools you need when you want to do a Java / Apache / Flex / BlazeDS project. I found out the hard way that – when you have no clue what you are doing and the Eclipse site had a download speed of 14 […]

BlazeDS and Smooth Data Injection – Reloading the Tree View Data Provider without breaking the User Experience

August 29, 2010


With Smooth Data Injection, we inject the data from BlazeDS (in this case study) directly into the existing data provider of our Tree View. Each object presented in the Tree View is a Base Data Object (for “Basis” and not to be confused with “Blaze” Data Object). We can repeat that process of Smooth Data […]

Fix: dynamically determining / setting the width of text in a textfield created with the Flash IDE

February 18, 2010


There is a weird behavior if not bug I found in Flash 10. When you want to get the width of the text within an existing textfield placed in a MovieClip via the Flash IDE, you might assume the following would work: var textField:TextField=textfieldonStage // My textfield on stage textField.autoSize="left" // Does not expand the […]

Fix: Tabbing does not work on textfield

December 29, 2009


By default a TextField is visible for tabbing. In some cases, however, Flash simply completely ignores the TextField. This is a weird and unexplainable bug and can occur when you create text fields via code. I have spent some hours getting around this problem. Here is a pseudo-sample of my old code: var myTxtFld:TextField=new TextField(); […]

Fix: iSight camera does not work in Flash

August 11, 2009


I stumbled upon an issue regarding Flash and the iSight camera. Flash and camera’s All available camera’s are presented in an indexed list within Flash. The first in the list will be used by default by the Camera-object. In my case, the current “video” objects are: “DV Video”, “IIDC FireWire Video” and “USB Video Class […]

Workaround for: 9-slice scaling with bitmap images

May 25, 2009


9-slice scaling (see one of many articles here) has some peculiarities in Flash. First of all, it will only work for a graphic object. If you try to apply it to a bitmap image or an embedded movie clip, it fails like shown in the image below: Everything is stretched out of proportions, where 9-slice […]