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Is the ship called “Flash” sinking?

November 13, 2011


Flash is now 15 years of age and old news for a long time. My hopes to build entire websites in Flash lasted until 2005 / 2007. But when still nothing substantial had happened regarding SEO, memory management and performance issues in Flash I gave up. Something had not happened in Flash that I had […]

“The end of Flash”, Microsoft “Bans” and “drops” Flash in (the Metro browser of) Windows 8

September 16, 2011


In the past 16 hours there has been some commotion about Microsoft “banning” or “dropping” Flash. You can read the announcement of Microsoft in many ways and if you are biases (as I have noticed in several occasions on my own perception on things in the past) you read what you want to read. Another […]

Steve Jobs, myths, Flash and the future of the web

April 29, 2010


After an (let’s call it) “interesting” post on Flash from Steve Jobs, the game on “what will be the leading web technology” seems to continue. I will close this post by debunking the half-lies and half-truths in Job’s post later in this post. What is interesting is that Flash is challenged a lot lately by […]

About performance and precision: Using the camera, FLAR toolkit and PaperVision

September 30, 2009


This article is about the performance issues regarding FLAR toolkit and PaperVision. This is what I have deducted from the code. These are assumptions from tests I made and are not yet scientifically validated. FLAR toolkit basics: Loading the markers The markers are loaded into an marker object and placed Array Getting the X/Y/Z postion […]

Fix: iSight camera does not work in Flash

August 11, 2009


I stumbled upon an issue regarding Flash and the iSight camera. Flash and camera’s All available camera’s are presented in an indexed list within Flash. The first in the list will be used by default by the Camera-object. In my case, the current “video” objects are: “DV Video”, “IIDC FireWire Video” and “USB Video Class […]