Overview, August 2009 – Januari 2010

Posted on January 27, 2010



This update shows you what I have been working on, involved with and been busy with the past 5 months.

  1. The phone as a romete control with Roomware
  2. Flash RAD framework progress
  3. Coolbest
  4. Presenting “the post-privacy era” in Italy
  5. Presenting Roomware at eComm and “whatmakesyourhorny”
  6. Nest Project update

1. The phone as a remote control with Roomware

Using the phone to manipulate objects

Categories: Roomware, Adobe Flash

When you want to connect to and manipulate an object in a space you have not been before, there are several strategies to do so. One is to use the mobile phone. Finding object with the mobile can be done by either GPS location or what I called “beacons”. This demo shows the first prototype.


2. Flash RAD framework progress

Categories: Adobe Flash, frameworks, programming

In the last quarter of 2009 I updated the Flash RAD framework with tags for streaming media, reading and generating QR-codes, a 3D viewport, sliders, file upload and the inclusion of custom objects. In januari I started refactoring the code, to have it ready for luanch in the next month.

Read some of the basis principles here.

3. Coolbest

In november I created two mini-sites: one for Libelle and one Coolbest (via Lukkien). I show you the elements of the first design – created by Lukkien – for Coolbest here as I like that one the most.

4. Presenting “the post privacy era” in Italy

Based on the musings on possible uses of the Roomware elements, I was asked to do a presentation on december 4 on a conference in Italy.

5. Presenting RoomWare at eComm and at WhatMakesYouHorny

Categories: RoomWare

In october 2009 I presented the “Phone as remote control” at eComm. In januari 2010 I presented the Roomware framework at “whatmakesyouhorny“: a barcamp conference about passion

6. NEST project update

From november 2009 to januari 2010 I have been working on the basic 3D CityView for the NEST project (see info about the project here). The CityView application will allow people to “fly” through the city, zoom into buildings and annotate those buildings. It will be realized in blocks spread over time and finished at the end of this year.

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