Overview, August 2009

Posted on August 20, 2009



This update shows you what I have been working on, involved with and been busy with the past 5 months.

  1. Join the RoomWare workshop
  2. “Minority Report” interface in Flash
  3. Flash RAD framework
  4. PaperVision 3D
  5. Flash SEO and deeplinking
  6. Presenting RoomWare at Reboot11, Copenhagen
  7. Nest Project

1. Join the August 2009 RoomWare Workshop

In the last weekend of August 2009, we will have a new RoomWare Workshop (read more here). We will create interactive spaces using Reactable and “Minority Report” type interfaces, Web2.0 services like LastFm, Twitter and Flickr and make things move via Arduino and the RoomWare server.

2. “Minority Report” interface in Flash

Exploring new uses for FLAR toolkit

Categories: Adobe Flash, FLAR toolkit

You can do much more with FLAR toolkit than “moving things around on a piece of paper”. This demo shows you one of the first applications I made: A “Minority Report” type of interface. This is the first of 3 different alternative concepts I will develop and make public in the next months.

3. Flash RAD framework

Categories: Adobe Flash, frameworks, programming

Based on the principles of things I developed in the past and projects I did in 2008 /2009, I started in March this year to create a new framework to generate Flash Sites using a very intuitive style of working and close to no coding. Overshadowed by other current projects (listed in this update) it is waiting for the final touches for the first release.

Read some of the basis principles here.

4. PaperVision3D (simple prototype)

To get into PaperVision and camera handling I created a simple test displaying two rings created out of circles. The main goal was to point the camera at a new object with a smooth transition and adjusting the camera-position to that of the object you are looking at. Someting that “camera.lookAt” in PaperVision3D does not do yet.

5. Flash SEO and Deeplinking

Flash SEO is possible for years, but never properly advertised. Deeplinking is more recent. In these two articles (SEO, Flash DeepLinking) I explore the properties and mechanics of both.

6. Presenting RoomWare at Reboot11

Categories: RoomWare

It was crazy and fun. Read the blogpost here. From this presentation, some interesting new leads came forth, of which the NPOX.

7. NEST project

For the NEST project (see here) I hosted the workshop and functioned as a sparring partner regarding possible strategies regarding implementation of the plan. I started participating as it connects to RoomWare and the Vijzelgracht53 building.

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