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Posted on August 20, 2009


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Where: Amsterdam, Volkskrantgebouw, Wiboutstraat 150
When: End of this week – Saturday, Aug. 29 and Sunday, Aug. 30.
For whom: Hardware hackers, programmers (Java, ActionScript, PhP), visual designers, interaction designer
Attend here when you are on Facebook: Subscription page – or attend via a comment on this page if you do not

RoomWare an Open Source project about: “connecting people, places and data”. During these two days we will:

  • use Adobe Flash to create Reactable and Minority Report type interfaces using identities from people in the room and services like Flickr, LastFM and Twitter.
  • create online RoomWare applications
  • improve the RoomWare Server
  • experiment with RFID tags and BlueTooth / WiFi scanning
  • explore the use of QR-codes to pair BlueTooth, RFID and WiFi ID’s to an online Identity Broker
  • using the input from QR, RFID, BlueTooth and WiFi devices for visualization of Flickr and Twitter streams
  • offer other ways of interfacing and interacting using the mobile phone and Reactable and Minority Report type of interfaces

It is a Barcamp type of happening, so the crowd chooses which projects they will explore and do.
One of the goals is to create fun applications we can demo at the NPOX festival in November 2009 (1300 people from Dutch public broadcasting companies, including journalists and program makers).

More info on what might come to pass:

Hope to see you there.

And if you know people who could be interested as well, do not hesitate to post this invitation forward.

Attend here: Subscription page

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